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13 Jan

Imsaal repairers is Pakistan’s first ever e-store which offers repairing services of wide range of electronic equipment such as mobile phones, laptops, iPads, LEDs, printers and whatnot.  The repairers provide services to nation/ mutli-national operations and local costumers. It was initiated back in 2010 by its co-founder, Imran Noor who aims to provide convenient and trustworthy repairing and maintenance solutions. Ever since its start, Imsaal group has made and maintained its place in the repairing market with a large number of costumers. If you’re reading this blog and still haven’t used their service yet, then here are 5 reasons that are surely going to convince you to try their services.

1. Hassle Free:   Whenever their is any fault in our electronic gadgets, the first thought that comes in mind is about all the hustle we have to make to get it fixed. Well, by opting repairers you can say goodbye to all the hustle and sit back, relax and book their services from home.

2. Instant Service: When you go to other repairs, most of them usually takes days or even a week to get your gadget fixed. Whereas Imsaal repairs promises to report and deliver back you equipment with in 24 hours.

3. Professional Attitude: The repairing market is filled with people have no professional attitude and etiquette to deal with customers. And with that behavior one has to think 10 times before handing over their equipment. On the contrary while using services of imsaal repairs you can expect complete professional and costumer-friendly behavior from their experienced technicians and skilled staff members.

4. Reliability   If you go to the market of repairs, there is 100% chance that  you won’t be able to come across any repairer who takes complete responsibility of any sort of damage taking place during the process of repairing. With that, you can only hope and pray to God to get your gadget in a working condition. But one of the perks of using imsaal repairer’s services is that they take full responsibility by offering money back guarantee of your electronic devices.

5. Budget friendly: In the on-going economic situation in our country, it‘s very hard to avail any kind of service with pocket friendly rates. But while using imsaal repairer’s service you don’t to worry! They provide the convenience of free pickup and delivery with affordable repairing rates.

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